2020 - today
Analysis of business models
Analysis of new market
Project set-up and follow-up

Value proposition

CRISTALENS INDUSTRIE is a French SME, based in Lannion (Côtes d'Armor), specialized in intraocular implants for cataract surgery and refractive surgery.

In 2020, CRISTALENS wanted to prepare an "EIC Accelerator" project to finance its international expansion strategy around its latest innovation: Artis Symbiose®. This implant, which uses a new technology called "Binocularity & Phase Continuity", allows the patient to keep the sharpness of the images over the entire depth of field, from intermediate to near vision (40-90 cm), without compromising on far vision.

BENKEI accompanied CRISTALENS in the definition and presentation of its strategy for the deployment of Artis Symbiose, as well as the submission of a high-quality proposal to the European Commission. CRISTALENS got in June 2020 a financial support of 1.6 M€, as a grant. This award will enable CRISTALENS to increase its workforce by more than 40%, to reach 100 employees in 2024, and to accelerate its international deployment. Capital financing of €1m has also been allocated to the company to support its development.

Benkei is now supporting CRISTALENS for the implementation of the project.