2017 - today
Long-term support
Obtention of new fundings
Support to research tax credit

Value proposition

LACTIPS develops, manufactures, and commercializes a plastic-free polymer material for the packaging industry. 100% bio-sourced and completely biodegradable, this innovative high-quality material is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to many traditional plastics such as polyvinyl alcohol, today used for the packaging of dishwasher tablets of laundry detergent tablets.

This material, based on milk casein and initially developed by the University of St-Etienne, has indeed unique properties of water solubility, plasticity, natural biodegradation, composting. Present in nature, it is not labelled as a plastic but is compatible with industrial plastic processes.

End of 2016, Lactips asked Benkei to set up an SME Instrument project with the aim of industrialising the production of its granules in-line with market expectations. An in-depth work on market analysis and market access strategy, while structuring the information in a short period of time, enabled Lactips to obtain 1.5M€ in European funding.

Benkei then accompanied Lactips in the management of this project, structuring for the company, the communication with the European Commission and the reporting. This long-term support enabled Lactips to ensure the coherence of RDI projects with respect to the Research Tax Credit.

New financing opportunities have emerged. Benkei guided Lactips in the setting up of two I-NOV projects, an EIC Accelerator project, two European collaborative projects to support Lactips' innovation and financing strategy while leveraging its innovation development.