creativity / idea generation

Support to innovation strategy
Set-up of ideation workshops

Value proposition

We worked for an ETI specialising in personal protective equipment. World leader in the sector, the company wishes to maintain its lead in the civil protection market. The company had already started a creative process at the conceptual stage for a new piece of equipment. Led by an innovation unit, this approach had produced some very original concepts.

Benkei intervened to help the teams to converge towards a breakthrough product idea(s), adressing the future needs of the market, based on these concepts.

First of all, we put together a cross-disciplinary team including members from R&D, marketing, industrialisation, sales team, etc.

During a first session, we made the group work on differentiation axes in relation to its main competitors and the vision of future products. For the second session, we accompanied the team to formulate and qualify innovative functions, beyond simple incrementation.

This action not only resulted in a set of specifications that was transmitted to the design team, but also demonstrated the effectiveness of an integrated multidisciplinary team.