2018 - today
Project set-up
Support to management and follow-up

Value proposition

TERMINUS is a Horizon 2020 collaborative project that aims to enable the recycling and reuse of multi-layer packaging for food. Indeed, the separation of the different layers is the main bottleneck to be able to reuse the different plastic materials into new value-added products.

TERMINUS offers an innovative technology of enzymatic biodegradation of adhesives between plastic layers. The main challenge is to make the enzymes resistant to the high temperatures used during the packaging extrusion or lamination processes, in order to maintain an effective biodegradation activity activable on demand.

With a 6 M€ budget, this project gathered major industrial groups, academic laboratories, start-ups and technical centers to take advantage of the the best skillsets in Europe, either in adhesive formulation, plastic processing, selection and production of heat-resistant enzymes, or nanotechnologies for their protection.

The consortium engaged with BENKEI to prepare the application file. Our skills in chemistry, materials and biology contributed to the rapid maturation of the project and a constructive dialogue with experts from the different partners for an efficient drafting of the project.

During the project set-up, the consortium wished to continue to benefit from BENKEI's coordination support to successfully achieve the technical objectives of the project. This collaboration includes among others:

  • The mediation of intra-partners relationships;
  • An expertise of European H2020 projects and training, for example for partners who are not used to these projects;
  • A support for communication with the European Commission, both on a day-to-day basis and at reporting highlights;
  • Assisting the multiple partners in meeting deadlines and milestones.